Become A Vendor

Happy New Year!

We are introducing a new process for vendors to register for our events.  Our goal is to post more events at a time further into the future.  This will allow for you to plan your schedules further out.  In addition we will now have a few different vendor membership levels so that we can offer different perks to our vendors.

Going forward we will offer our events, festivals and caterings as well as new things such as training, special speakers and more through our new Street Grindz  Event Store.  In the new store items will be visible to all but only available for purchase based on your membership level.  

As always we will review the vendor mix and do our best to be fair.  We will confirm each vendor’s event registration and if necessary correct miss-registrations.

Step 1:  REGISTER NOW to become a Vendor and gain access to our event store.  Be sure to check your spam folder for the verification email.

Step 2: Get a Silver Membership which will allow you to see available event products. It is best to get your membership after you register so you can use it for future events.

Step 3: Go back to the store and select the retail or food vendor product you want.